• Posted by TrustMark UK Tuesday Nov 28, 2017

Celebrate, plant, appreciate - National Tree Week 2017

The UK’s biggest annual festival of trees, National Tree Week, inspires around a quarter of a million people to show they value trees by getting their hands dirty and planting up to a million more.

Held from 25th November until 3rd December, and run by The Tree Council, UK's lead charity for trees, National Tree Week promotes the importance of trees in a changing environment. This event marks the start of winter planting season and ensures the value that trees provide is not taken for granted.

The Arboricultural Association (AA) are promoting their new video series ‘Talking Trees’ for National Tree Week. This charity promotes trees and the professionals who enable their sustainable management. Arboriculture is the science of trees and AA are the biggest representative body for tree workers in the UK with over 2500 members working in a wide range of careers.

Championing the sustainable management of trees in places where people live, work and play through their members and close collaboration with allied professions, they provide the standards, training, support and recognition that put UK and overseas members, at the peak of their profession.

The Arboricultural Association believe that trees are essential to the future of the planet. They give us the oxygen that we breathe. There is now a wealth of undeniable evidence which demonstrates many other benefits trees provide us with from pollution reduction and mental health to wildlife habitats, biodiversity and increasing property value. Despite these they are still undervalued and taken for granted.

The AA are raising awareness of the benefits of trees by promoting their new ‘Talking Trees’ video series which uses inspirational experts to engage the wider public and industry professionals.

In the first Talking Trees, Mike Raupp, Professor of Entomology at the University of Maryland, answers questions on “being a tree hugger”, whether we're overreacting to the threat of pests and diseases, what we can do to protect urban trees and more. https://youtu.be/m_VA2Q7KjtI.

Ted Green MBE is Founder President of Ancient Tree Forum, and Conservation Consultant to the Crown Estate, Windsor. In the second Talking Trees, hear Ted speak about his inspiration and thoughts on pests and diseases and how we can protect trees https://youtu.be/poTJT0UTKCI.

What can YOU do to help trees in their area over the winter?

Throughout the winter and every season, the general public can help trees by making sure they use a qualified professional. A recent survey by AXA 28% of homeowners said they would fell or work on a tree themselves. Because there are no legal regulations on tree work, technically anyone with a chainsaw competence ticket can manage trees, but they are complex organisms and require careful management by knowledgeable professionals. You can be confident that TrustMark registered firms will provide you with the quality, assurance and knowledge required https://www.trustmark.org.uk/aboutus/trades-covered/lists/trades-we-cover/tree-surgeons.

Additionally, the Arboricultural Association recommend their information guides - Choosing Your Tree Surgeon, Guide to Tree Pruning and other help and advice guides. Visit the Arboricultural Associations’ website https://www.trees.org.uk for more information. There can be serious ramifications for instance owners felling a tree that has a Tree Preservation Order or is situated in a conservation area can be fined upwards of £20,000